happy new year to everyone who celebrates it today.  ;P  i finished my xbox.  red/orange with a whole new mod.  brand new.  newability factor of 11.5.  that's freakin' new.  check it out here, and if that link didn't work, copy and paste this:  http://www.iamttam.com/albums/xbox


i've got the photos up now.  you can check them out here.

i want an ipod.  i really, really want an ipod.  i can get one for free.  i need your help.  freeipods.com is offering free ipods to people that complete a free offer and refer 5 friends that do the same.  i need some more people to complete these stupid trial offers.  click this link: http://www.freeiPods.com/?r=11666740 and join.  i wouldn't use your primary e-mail address, as you get spammed aplenty, so if you want an e-mail address to use, let me know and i will give you an iamttam.com email address.  the trials are free, most you have to cancel, or pay a small shipping fee.  if you complete an offer under my account, i will give you $20.  easy as that.  please help with my quest for a free ipod.  thank you.



well, it's been over a year since i've posted here.  damn, that's a long time.  i am enjoying life here in washington.  it's cold, gray, occasionally rainy, just how i like it.

if you don't already know, i work for best buy.  i used to be tech, but since i moved, i had to take sales because there weren't any open spots in tech.  it's only temporary, so it's bearable, besides, i get to meet some cool people.  for instance, just the other day this couple came in and was asking about windows media center edition.  i love windows mce.  it's the best thing since the wireless mouse.  anyway, i went through my presentation, and at the end, the man said "well, we have to come clean.  we're from microsoft."  i was blown away.  i had a feeling they were secret shoppers, but you never really know.  they were impressed with my knowledge of the new system.  their exact words were "you're the best we've ever seen."  man, was i happy.  i was hoping they'd give me a toshiba qosmio laptop or something as a prize, but it was not really an official secret shop, so i got nothing.  i felt pretty good, though, so it was ok.  plus, i asked them to think of me for a position.  we'll see if anything ever happens with that.

i've taken pictures of washington, and will be posting shortly.