.name:: matt albrecht
.age:: 20
.birthdate:: april 22, 1984
.occupation:: computer sales/technician
.employer:: best buy
.location:: kent, washington
..movie:: count of monte cristo, royal tenenbaums
..director:: steven spielberg
..producer:: jerry bruckheimer
..song:: lux aeterna
..artist:: clint mansell
..band:: the greatest band on earth: tenacious d
..processor manufacturer:: amd
..vid card:: ati
..website:: neowin.net
..month:: october (temperature, halloween)
..car:: new pontiac gto
..sport (participant):: rollerblading
..sport (spectator):: umm...none? (female cheerleading and volleyball are fun to watch)
..type of music:: i will listen to absolutely anything with some kind of rhythm, but my favorite is alternative.
..radio station (local):: 104.9, the funky monkey
..wireless carrier:: verizon (who i will be switching to soon)
.girlfriend:: single and looking (been that way for 20 years, now)
.car:: 1993 oldsmobile cutlass supreme
.computer:: (maybe this listing has something to do with .girlfriend::)
..cpu:: amd athlon xp 2500+ (1.833ghz 333fsb 640k cache)
..mobo:: soyo dragon plus platinum edition kt400
..ram:: 768mb ecc registered ddr 2100
..hard drive 1:: 2 seagate 10 gig drives in a raid-0 configuration.
..hard drive 2:: western digital 80gb wd800bb ata100 *DEAD*
..video:: ati radeon 7200 64mb ddr vivo
..case:: antec amg1080 w/ 430w psu
..cd-rw:: tdk 52x24x52
..dvd-rom:: pioneer 16x dvd-rom
..sound card:: sound blaster live! 5.1 platinum
..speakers:: logitech z-560 4.1 400w system
..monitor:: viewsonic pf790 19" perfect-flat
..mouse/keyboard:: logitech di novo
..os:: windows xp professional sp2
..website version:: 7.0b